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We are Bektech, an internationally recognized Web Design Company with a track record of numerous successes. We are based in the NL and have a global presence with offices around the world.

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Navigating the competitive digital world requires a standout and impactful online presence. Bird, a top-tier Web Design Agency in the UK, specializes in creating custom, award-winning digital experiences suited for a diverse range of clients, including business owners, SMBs, website proprietors, startups, and large enterprises. Our approach blends innovative, state-of-the-art web designs with solid systems and methodologies, guaranteeing a smooth and effective project journey that delivers real-world outcomes.

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Elevating UX with Stunning Visuals and Conversion-Focused Web Design

Our team of seasoned web design professionals in the Europe harnesses the latest tools and technologies to craft websites that are not only visually arresting but also highly functional and responsive. We excel in merging aesthetic excellence with user experience (UX) and conversion optimization, empowering businesses like yours to fulfill their online ambitions.

Bektech: Your Choice for a Web Design Company you can trust in Europe

Alex G.Founder
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Our experience with this web design company was outstanding. They transformed our outdated website into a modern, user-friendly platform that perfectly reflects our brand and values. The team was creative, responsive, and dedicated to understanding our unique needs. Since the launch of the new site, we've seen a significant increase in customer engagement and sales. We couldn't be happier with the results and the professional service we received.
Mia Z.Owner
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As a small business specializing in handmade crafts, having an online presence that captures the essence of our products was crucial. Bektech's team did just that! They created a stunning, easy-to-navigate website that showcases our products beautifully. Their attention to detail and understanding of aesthetics have helped us attract more customers and grow our business. The team's professionalism and skill in web design have been a game-changer for us.
Daniel S.Owner
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Bektech is truly exceptional. They revamped our fitness platform with a dynamic and engaging design that has significantly improved user experience. Their team worked closely with us to incorporate our ideas and feedback, delivering a site that not only looks great but also functions seamlessly. Since the redesign, we've seen an uptick in user retention and new memberships. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to enhance their online presence.

Platforms We Work With

We specialise in crafting bespoke web designs for leading CMS platforms such as  Shopify, WordPress, Wix, and WooCommerce, ensuring a seamless user experience and enhanced online presence.

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Navigating Digital Excellence with Professional Web Design Consulting

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, seeking the expertise of a seasoned web design consultant is crucial for crafting an impactful online identity. At Bektech, our web design consulting services provide you with strategic insights, industry best practices, and bespoke advice, empowering you to make well-informed decisions and enhance your website’s effectiveness.

Our consultants leverage their deep industry experience to work alongside you, pinpointing areas for enhancement, refining processes, and formulating a unified strategy that aligns your digital presence with your overarching business goals. With Bektech’s web design consultancy, embark on your digital transformation journey with confidence and harness the full potential of your website.

What We Can Cover

Custom CMS VS WordPress : Choosing the Right Platform for Your Business

The decision between opting for a custom CMS or a widely-used platform like WordPress is pivotal for clients, each offering distinct advantages.

Custom CMS solutions provide bespoke functionality, offering unparalleled flexibility and control over your website’s features. This level of customization delivers a unique experience, tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. A custom CMS is ideal for those who require specialized features or integrations, which might not be available in standard platforms, leading to a more streamlined and efficient website.

On the other hand, WordPress, a popular choice among various businesses, presents its own set of benefits. Its vast repository of plugins and themes allows for quick, cost-effective feature implementation, often eliminating the need for complex custom coding. WordPress is renowned for its user-friendly interface, suitable for users with different technical skills. Additionally, its large community offers extensive support, making troubleshooting and learning more accessible.

The choice between a custom CMS and WordPress hinges on the unique requirements, budget, and goals of each client. For those prioritizing specific, tailored functionalities and control, a custom CMS is ideal. Conversely, WordPress is an excellent option for businesses looking for an affordable, easy-to-use platform with a wide array of features and strong community support.

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Frequently Asked Web Design Questions

Discover answers to key web design questions in our comprehensive FAQ section, created to resolve your uncertainties and help guide your decision-making process.

The duration of a web design project can differ based on its intricacy and breadth. Our approach involves collaborating closely with clients to set a feasible timeline, guaranteeing that key milestones are achieved and the project is completed within the agreed timeframe.

Certainly. At Bektech, we recognize the critical need for websites to be responsive and mobile-friendly. Our web design strategy is focused on creating a website that not only looks appealing but also operates flawlessly across various devices, from desktops and tablets to smartphones.


In our web design approach, we integrate essential SEO principles to make sure your website is both well-organized and optimized for search engines. Collaborating with you, we develop compelling content that effectively includes targeted keywords, and we apply technical SEO tactics to boost your site’s online visibility.

Yes, our team of experienced copywriters and content creators can help you develop compelling, search engine optimised content tailored to your brand’s voice and target audience. By crafting high-quality content, we aim to engage your users and drive conversions.

At Bektech, we recognize the necessity of regular website maintenance for peak performance. To meet this need, we provide a range of support and maintenance plans tailored to your unique requirements, covering everything from content updates and troubleshooting to comprehensive technical assistance.

The pricing for a web design project is influenced by its intricacy and scale. We offer a comprehensive proposal that clearly details the project’s specifications, timeline, and related expenses, ensuring you have a transparent and well-defined overview of the investment involved.

Bektech prioritizes UX and UI design to guarantee a smooth and engaging user experience. Our design methodology includes thorough research, extensive testing, and continuous improvements, aiming to develop user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient interfaces. These elements are key to enhancing user interaction and boosting conversion rates.

To assess the effectiveness of a web design project, we employ a range of metrics such as user engagement levels, conversion rates, and the overall performance of the website. Through careful analysis of these key indicators, we pinpoint areas that need enhancement and optimization, ensuring your website consistently achieves exceptional outcomes.

An effective website is characterized by a blend of essential elements: attractive and compelling design, user-friendly navigation, captivating content, quick loading speeds, and smooth operation on various devices. Moreover, it should be optimized for search engines and adhere to UX/UI principles, ensuring a gratifying user experience that not only fosters conversions but also aligns with and advances your business goals.

Absolutely, Bektech’s team of experienced web designers is equipped to assist you in revamping or updating your current website. We start by evaluating your existing site to pinpoint areas that need enhancement. Collaborating with you, we aim to craft a renewed, contemporary, and efficient website that not only mirrors your brand identity but also offers an exceptional user experience. Whether it involves refreshing the design, updating content, or optimizing for SEO, Bird is ready to deliver the necessary services to rejuvenate your digital footprint.